Century homes, antiques, etc.

Part of my philosophy when it comes to creating and decorating is to design and purchase things that I love; hence the obsession with depression glass, for example.  It just reminds me of jolly rancher candy!  Sparkly, lovely colours….  

I DO love my circa 1891 home and I love antiques, but don’t think you have to have an old home to purchase them! We recently sold a tall, 1940s china cabinet that would have looked fabulous storing towels in a bathroom.  We also have  a lovely dark sideboard in our back room that we use as a bar!  (I’ll attach a picture later today).  We  currently have a tea cart, that would make a fabulous mini bar in any room as well.

I had in mind the same thing when I began my brick path quilt last year…it’s Amy Butler fabrics and I then made a canvas to match, and a towel (for an adjoining bath) as well.  

I will continue to post, mixing quilting and antiquing as I go..hints and tips to come on old home decor and maintenance as well!


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